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The Greenville Army Store is a military surplus store that specializes in products and product lines which are utilized by police, SWAT, fire, EMS, rescue, military, National Gaurd and State Guard units, as-well-as school, civic, band and dance teams.

We have been in continuous business for over fifty years. We are aligned with Atlanta Army-Navy Supply Company, one of the premier military/olice/outdoor/security wholsalers and manufactures in the country.



Our products include:

Military spec. Battle Dress Uniforms (BDUs), Tactical BDUs and EMS uniforms made in heavy weight (poly-cotton), summer weight (100% rip-stop cotton), or the new battle cloth (poly-cotton rip stop). Colors available are: SWAT black, navy blue, khaki, olive drab, woodland camo, tiger stripe camo, light and dark grey, and urban. Other colors are also available. Almost all BDU pants are offered in >BDU shorts for summer wear.

Footware includes all military issue boots (jungle, speed lace, desert, etc.) Mens and women's Tactical shoes and boots including the folloeing: High-Tec Stealth, Stealth Zip, Stealth steel toe. Midnight low and Waterproof. Men's and women's Original SWAT 6 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch, super SWAT and the new black Ripple sole. Bates dress oxfords are available in leather or corfam (high glaoss). Most other Bates combat and tactical boots are also available. A variety of socks are offered to compliment shoes and boots.

We carry a full cutlery and machete line including: Ontario and Spec Plus, CRT, Kershow and Fury knives. WE have on hand a vast selection of military hats, caps and hard to find headgear.

Other useful products include: duffel and utility bags of all sizes and types, back packs and rucksacks, range and carry bags and canvas and nylon pouches of all description
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Survival gear includes: Camel Back hydration systems, survival mirroes, gloves, thermal and poypropylene underwear and all colors of Field and MA-1 flight jackets. Other items are too numerous to list. If you need it, we will find it for you!

We pride ourselves on providing fast sevice and some of the most competitive pricing in the state and beyond. We will accept requisition orders and agency accounts and will work with quanity orders with quanity discounts. No orders are too small or too big.

Please check out ourlist of agencies and depaartments which are currently valued customers: Client List

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